The Perfect Easter


On Easter evening my wife came to me crying.  “This has been the perfect Easter!  Thank you for providing this home … in this neighborhood … for me and the boys.” At that moment, I truly understood the meaning of home and community.

For the previous 7 years, our family had been living in a tiny house in a bit of an “undesirable neighborhood”; there were no “block parties” or neighborhood hangouts where we lived. There was only one other family in the neighborhood with children, so our six and three-year old sons didn’t have a gang of kids to run around with.  Consequently, we pretty much kept to ourselves. My wife was patient, and she was kind, but she wanted out. She wanted out of the neighborhood and she wanted out of our tiny house. Between me, her, and our two growing boys, our 900 square foot house was simply too small.

About 8 months ago, we found our perfect house.   Lots of room for the boys both inside and out and in a school district that was at the top of my wife’s wish list. We moved in, and lived in the house happily.  But on Easter Sunday April 20th, 2014, our house became our home.

The day started off with a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Our new neighbors had stuffed hundreds of plastic eggs with crackers, candy and quarters and had hidden them all in the front yards. The street was blocked off and a table overflowing with snacks and drinks was set for all the neighbors to enjoy.  The scene was incredible! Kids running in and out of yards, laughing and looking for eggs … parents standing around talking to their neighbors … and plans being made for summer block parties. It was an incredible event and it just kept going. The doors of the homes were left open all day and visitors and family members, (and pets) walked in out as they pleased … snacking, talking, and playing outdoor games. This was a community and my family was now a part of it.  My wife was so touched by the experience, she cried openly.

A home is not simply a place you live … or an investment … or a status symbol.  A home is where the best memories are made … the things that matter in life are experienced … and the connections with friends and family are forged.  Our new home allows me to provide my family and my friends with a place where we can enjoy life with one another.  And for that I am truly grateful to God who makes all things possible.

The Chambers Family / 2014

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