One of the myriad advantages of American products

Everyone has their own home remodeling horror story.  The genesis of the problem often stems from products produced in some far off land.  You know the drill.  You went to the home improvement store and fell in love with some product, but the store you visited didn’t have exactly the model or the color you wanted.  So you asked the person at the counter to call all the other branches of the same home improvement store within a twenty five mile radius to see if one of those branches might have exactly what you wanted.  Often the answer was “no dice.”  So you have the nice home improvement store clerk order the product that is exactly what you want, but unfortunately it has to come all the way from China.  There is a reason someone came up with the phrase “slow boat from China.”  So you wait, and you wait and finally you scream “Isn’t there a better way!”  And I am here to tell you, yes there is a better way.

When you buy American made products for your remodeling project, you can get exactly what you need in very little time.  That benefit flows from two causes: technology and geography.  With the advent of the internet, you can go online, select the exact product you want and order it immediately.  Since Americans as opposed to Chinese workers make the product you ordered, the product will travel by train or truck, rather than by ocean steamer.  These benefits are concretely demonstrated by the firm of Ceilume of Graton, California.

Since 2002, Ceilume has been making some of the most beautiful ceiling tiles you can imagine.


Ed Davis, one of the three owners of Ceilume, is committed to providing a unique, stylish, competitively priced product to American homeowners and contractors. Ceilume blends traditional attention to manufacturing quality with the most modern customer service and fulfillment tools. Davis explains, “We love the fact that we can offer ceiling tile designs like those that have been in use in America since the late 1800s, because they are timeless, as well as styles that are completely contemporary and cutting edge.” Ceilume’s business model also embraces new approaches that allow Ceilume to better serve their customers needs. “We want our customers to have our products on their timetable, not ours. Our online approach allows us to do that. A customer can order exactly the style of ceiling tile they want on Monday, and by Friday we can have that ceiling tile delivered to the customer’s porch. And by directly dealing with the customer through our website and top-notch customer service staff, we cut out the middle man which allows us to keep our prices very competitive.”

So if you are in the market for ceiling tiles for your upcoming kitchen remodel, I urge to reach out to Ceilume, visit their website, or give them a call, and order the ceiling tiles that exactly match your style. Ed and everyone at Ceilume will do all they can to make sure that your remodel project comes off without a hitch. In addition to Ceilume, there are hundreds of American firms waiting to help you make your remodeling project a snap. Forgoing the slow boat from China will help you ensure that your remodeling project is not held up. And using American products also ensures that members of our extended American family can share in the American dream of receiving an honest day’s wages for an honest day of work. Just ask the thirty-five employees that work at the Ceilume plant making the world’s most beautiful ceiling tiles. Now get shopping!

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